Guides, Tips for What’s My IQ?

If you’re keen on puzzle games, you must not miss “What’s My iQ”. It is a novel game providing absurd and creative puzzles that can’t be ever thought of. Traditionally, puzzle games tell you not to second guess your answers on the puzzle test. But What’s My IQ is seemingly to have a lot of tricks, so you need to think twice in order to give out the correct answer. Some puzzles are very obscure; some are so naïve that’s beyond your imagination. Whatever, this game will successfully help you to pass your spare time, also exercise your resourcefulness and improve active thinking.

As it’s mentioned above, it’s very hard to finish all the levels of What’s My IQ. Very often, you may get stuck on some easy but tricky puzzles within limited attempts, so how to figure out the solutions or answers for What’s My IQ?

Here I collect all the walkthroughs for What’s My IQ:

What is My IQ? Puzzles1-30

1. Slide the arrow over to pass the level.

2. The biggest in size is 36.

3. Since1=5, so 5=1

4. The answeris MOTHER.

5. This one is tricky, but the word “number” is smaller than thenumbers shown, and is thus the smallest.

6. The largest number is 999.

7. it’s pointing at LEFT.

8. The answer is 7.

9. Simple hold on each sides of the bill with two fingers, andslide away to separate the bill in half.

10. There’s no cake. The answeris 0.

11. Flip your phone/device to the right so the UParrow is pointing up and the DOWN arrow is pointing down.

12. The answer is NONE.

13. For this one, tap on the words “pail” and “water” at the sametime in the sentence.

14. Keep swiping on the car andyou will eventually clean the mud off of it.

15. To create an earthquake, justshake your device.

16. Swipe your finger on the "s" in theword "arrows" until it disappears.

17. Hit startand wait for the 6th light bulb (the one with the arrow) to light up and hitstop fast.

18. The trick here is that thegreen diamond doesn’t need to go into the dotted lines that mimic it but areturned. Instead put the green diamond into the same space as the star.

19. Press 22, 14, and the word "even"

20. Turn your device upside-down.One of the pails will show water inside. Tap that one and you are done. It should be the topmiddle pail.

21. The answer is BROWN.

22. Shake your device here to get all the apples to show, thereare 6 apples total.

23. The Top Middlepail is different.

24. The fifth daughter would be Mary herself.

25. You can’t pay $2.20, but youcan pay $1.10. So slide your finger down the center of the bread to slice it inhalf, then press on the sides and slide out to separate them.

26. Press the x insidethe triangle.

27. Move all the stars on top of the word “star”

28. This one is a bit tricky, but you can move the first _ up tomake it a minus (negative) sign. Therefore the smallest number would be -99.

29. Drag the pepper shaker so it's underneath theword "soup". Then shake your phone/device.

30. For this one, the holes inthe shirt are see-through, so they are actually two holes each (one on thefront, one on the back). The bottom, top and arms are also holes as well,giving a grand total of 8 holes.

What is My IQ? Puzzles 31-60

31. Drag allthe clouds so they're above the dog. Then drag the kid to the house.

32. Move the words “no smoking” into the red circle and voila.

33. Tilt your device so it isfacing downwards, and high in the air (so it would simulate being a hat).

34. There are two grammar mistakes here, one in the question and one in the statement given. The mistakes are: (1) the “s” on “mistakes”, and (2) the “s” on “likes”.

35. Press the yellow ROLL button. There are 21 points.1+2+3+4+5+6=21

36. Move the word “north” so the red needle of the second compassis pointing at it. Then pick the second compass and you are done.

37. Hold your phone/device so the game is upside down.Now drag the dart across the balloons, popping them.

38. Drag the photo frame to the left so it's easier to catch the star. Press the yellowPHOTO button when the star is inside the box.

39. Move the word “cat” out of“catfish” so it sits alone. Then tap on “cat”

40. Drag all thecampfires on top of eachother so it becomes one big campfire, then press it.

41. Using twofingers, split the cloud apart sideways.

42. T Press the 20kg weight then the 10kg weight.Now tilt your phone/device to the leftuntil the scale reads 25kg.

43. There is another fish under the second fish. So move the second fish out of the way, then select this fish to pass through.

44. Press the doorbell 5 times really fast.

45. Separate the second cloud in half, producing two smaller clouds. Tap on one of these to pass through.

46. Drag the sun away into the corner. Press the owl.

47. Spell the word "it".

48. Hold the orange CHARGE button until thebatteries charge.

49. So press on the first, third and fifth buttons to open the safe.

50. This one is a bit tricky,but: 1=one which three letters, 4=four which is four letters, then 5,6,7letters, so you need a number that is 8 letters, which is 18.

51. Grab the tire in the open anddrag it on top of the tire on the back to get through.

52. You need to wait for the bombto explode, so wait for the timer to run out then tap on the bomb 3 times.

53. To find the solution do thecalculation (6×3)-(5×2). Solving this, you get the answer of the number 8.

54. Invert your device so that red is on the left side of the screen.

55. Grab the cups but dragging a cup off the pile one at a time, and put them in the lines on the right side.

56. Take the front tire off ofthe car and drag it off onto the side. Now grab the spare tire and move it ontop of the space you created to replace the tire.

57. Simply tap on the balloons inorder… 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 (new balloons will appear as you pop other ones).

58. To solve this one, tap on the food in this order coffee-cake-cola-coffee-cake-cola. This solves the requirements.

59. The trick this time is thatyou need to turn your device upside-down to turn the 9 into a 6, and vica-versa, when needed. So tap 1-2-3-4-5-[9 upside-down, which is then a6]-7-8-[6 upside-down, which is then a 9]

60. Tilt the device to the leftso the red button is on top of the blue button, then tap on them both (which are now on top of each other) with one tap.

What is My IQ? Puzzles 61-90

61. Simply tap on the word and you are through.

62. Tap on the letters in the order of the lights, from top left to bottom right. So: A-B-C-D-E.

63. Simply tap on the butterflyand you are through.

64. Tap on the word “bicycles”three times to beat this one.

65. Tap on the balloons quickly1-2-3 and you are done with this level.

66. Invert your device and thefish will automatically now be in the right order, and you are through.

67. Only tap on the 3rd balloon.

68. The “backmost” arrow is theone on the far right, the white one.

69. All the answers are wrong,but if you turn your device upside-down one will be correct (the second one).So turn your device upside-down then select the second one.

70. If you are in a race and go past the person in second place, you are now in second place, so your positionis thus “second”.

71. You will need to just watch the bowls. If you are having problems, the dice is under the second cup.

72. Think here which of theanimals listed you can actually ride on. The only one is elephant.

73. Turn your device 45 degrees so the square turns into a diamond and you are done.

74. Instead of trying to move theactual picture, move the word “picture” so it is inside the frame.

75. If you tap on change the word “backward” turns to “forward”. So hold the Change button down then press Go toget to the next puzzle.

76. Go by the first letter ofeach of these three fruits (and vegetables). So, Apple – Banana – Carrot.

77. Think of “right” as thedirection, instead of correct. So place the car into the far right lot.

78. The mistake here is in the question, there is no full stop (like a period), so tap on that spot and youare done.

79. Press on the buttons to getnew selections, you will want to get “next puzzle”. Once you have that, clickon both of the buttons at once to get to the next puzzle.

80. This time, think of how many of each of the fruit are shown. So Apple (1), Grapes (2), then Bananas (3).

81. Each fold doubles the thickness, so the first fold doubles it from 0.01 to 0.02… then 0.04, 0.08,0.16 and finally 0.32. So the answer is 0.32.

82. Type “bird” in lower-caseletters. Note that the ‘r’ and ‘d’ swap when you get to the last letter, sowatch for that and make sure to press ‘d’ (even though it’s grayed out).

83. Shake on your phone and starswill appear over the heads of the kids. Tap on the stars and you are done (and remember how many stars there are for a future puzzle).

84. Think about this carefully.It doesn’t say you have the original 3 apples, just that you take 2 apples.Therefore you have 2 apples.

85. Bats sleep upside-down. So turn your device upside down and the bat will go to sleep.

86. If you didn’t count, in puzzle 83 (with the 3 heads) there were 10 stars.

87. Look which direction thebubbles are going, bubbles will always rise to the top. So move the scuba diver to the left of the screen to pass this level.

88. Move the square partially off-screen, so the remainder creates a rectangle.

89. Hold the screw down and thenrotate your device clockwise to loosen the screw.

90. Move the third rectangle soit is over the word “handicap”, the drag the car so it is now inside of this spot and you are done.

What is My IQ? Puzzles 91-101

91. Notice that the card is upside-down (looking at the heart).Tap on the card until you get the number 9, then tap on ok to continue.

92. The button has glass over it,so continuously tap on the button area to smash the glass, then tap the button to get through to the next level.

93. This one is more trial and error, but if you want the pass to get through right away, it’s: 1-3-9-7-5

94. Take the two old batteries out of the flashlight, then put the two new batteries in the flashlight. Finally move the words “new batteries” to overlap the words “old batteries”.

95. Similar to the other screws, hold on the screw and turn your device clockwise to remove it. Do this for each to disarm the bomb.

96. It asks for 1 banana, so you need to split the two bananas apart using two fingers, then tap on one of them to pass the level.

97. Don’t trust the number shown,count out 13 taps (and it will show you the number 12) then press ok and you are done.

98. Again this one can be a bitof trial and error, but to pass it right from the start press the numbers in this order: 1-3-9-7-4-2-6-8

99. This time, hold down both screws at the same time, but this time do it to the left, and you are through.

100. Spell out the word“stupidness”.

101. Tilt your device to the leftthree times, then tap on the cork to shoot it off and you are done!

Wow, it’s great that you’re strong and smart enough to pass all the puzzles! All congratulations to your cheats, tips for What’s My IQ.


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