Subway Sufers Power-ups

Subway Surfers is a runner game both on Android and iOS. In the game, we acted as a naughty kid to collect as more coins as we can in subway when we’re running away to escape the Subway policeman’s arrest. Subway Surfers has colorful scenes, cute cartoon images. The overall atmosphere in Subway Surfers may be intense, and exciting. All in all, it’s a good endless runner game, besides Temple Run.

Currently, Subway Surfers has reached the top download chart on App Store. You can download Subway Surfers for iPad, iPhone on

What makes Subway Surfers so popular? Below will be mainly focused on the introduction about Subway Surfers.

About the power-ups in Subway Surfers:

There’re all sorts of power-ups in Subway Surfers, and all of yhem are instantly benefit or add extra abilities. And in Subway Surfers, we don’t need to pay for the power-ups with real money since we can collect the gold coins along the subway tracks

1. Hoverboard in Subway Surfers

You can get it with 300 gold coins in shop. The Hoverboard will be used to offset the end of game due to bump into trains or baffles. The Hoverboard is especially useful when you’re further along your run and you can buy it as more as you can suppose you have enough coins.

2. Mystery Box in Subway Surfers

Mystery box is one of the most important and best power-up with luxurious coins and great items you should not miss out if you saw one.

3. Headstart 250 in Subway Surfers

You can also call it a primary rocket. If you think the previous subway running course is so easy and unchallenging, now just take 400 coins to purchase one headstart to skip ahead 250 metres. However, it is remarkable that Headstart can only be used at the beginning of game.

4. Headstart 1000 in Subway Surfers

It is a senior rocket. Similar to Headstart 250, it can also only be used at the beginning of the game. With it, you can skip ahead 1000 metres.

5. Jetpack in Subway Surfers

Jetpack allows you fly over the trains and collect the gold coins along the subway.

6. Super Sneakers in Subway Surfers

Super Sneaker in subway surfers is one of the boosts can be found in-game process. By obtaining the super sneakers, player can jump much higher than normal status and even can jump through the coming train.

7. Coin Magnet in Subway Surfers

Coin magnet absorb all the coins along the run. And if you pay 1500 gold coins for it, the duration of coin magnet will be increased.

8. 2X Multiplier in Subway Surfers

It will double your score when it is active, and 1500 gold coins can be cost to increase the duration of the double multiplier pickup.

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